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What Happens if You Put a Vape in Your Checked Luggage?

Nobody wants to lose or damage their vape, but getting in trouble at the airport can lead to even more headaches. Next time you’re traveling by plane, you might want...

Nobody wants to lose or damage their vape, but getting in trouble at the airport can lead to even more headaches. Next time you’re traveling by plane, you might want to pause before you pack your vape and make sure you don’t put it into any checked luggage. 

Not only can you put your fellow travelers in danger, but you can land yourself in a world of trouble and possibly even face penalties. California Honey Vapes loves to support safe vape practices, including those that will make your traveling experience smoother. 

So follow this little guide on what happens if you put a vape in your checked luggage and what you should be doing instead. 

How Do I Travel With a Vape?

It’s not illegal to travel with a vape, but there are several regulations and precautions you need to be wary of if you want to avoid fines and possibly even jail time.

First, whether you’re traveling internationally or domestically, you’ll want to know their laws regarding vaping and vape concentrates. Are you traveling with nicotine concentrates, THC, or CBD oils, that are illegal in your destination?

It can be easy to make this oversight when you take the legality of your vape for granted. Do your research, and you’ll be okay!

The penalty for possessing illegal concentrates could be as little as having your vape and oils confiscated or as bad as hefty fines or jail time, depending on the legality of your destination. 

That said, it is discouraged worldwide to travel with a vape in your checked luggage and handled strictly by all airlines. By doing so, you may be subjecting yourself to some even worse penalties.

Why Is a Vape in the Plane’s Cargo Hold Dangerous?

Airports have their reasons for feeling uncomfortable with vapor-producing heating devices going into their plane’s cargo holds. And, of course, all checked luggage goes to the plane’s cargo hold. 

So, if you put a vape in your checked bags, you can expect it to end up there, and that can be a potentially dangerous situation, even if your device is off or the cartridge is disconnected.

The excess of bumpy, jolting movement in the cargo hold from turbulence and other in-flight effects, combined with the stuffy, sometimes high-temperature space, makes it a dangerous place for a heating device and battery

Due to any of these reasons or more, if your device begins to heat up excessively on its own, or if the battery explodes from the movement and temperature of the cargo hold, a fire can spread from your luggage to the rest of the cargo and of course the plane itself.

Now, you can probably understand the very real danger present when a vape is put through the stressful, unpredictable environment of a plane’s cargo hold.

Are There Penalties for a Vape in Checked Luggage?

Aside from the possibility of a dangerous outcome, there are a range of legal penalties that may follow if your vape is discovered by airport security in your checked luggage:

  • First, you will most certainly lose all your vape cartridges and batteries, and you may even have your luggage confiscated while security investigates the matter. You also may need to be questioned by legal authorities. 
  • Secondly, you can be banned from flying certain airlines for some time. Depending on where officials find your vape, you could be placed on a no-fly list. 
  • Worst of all, you can face hefty fines, or even jail time, depending on where you get in trouble. 

One small mistake can lead to a world of grief. So be careful to keep your vape in your carry-on!

Best TSA Practices for Vapes

It never hurts to check the appropriate TSA guidelines if you’re unsure how to travel with a certain device. So without further ado, let’s go over what the TSA says travelers should do with their e-cigs, vapes, and batteries:

  • Travel with your vape in a carry-on bag. This is the only legal way to transport it with you on a plane. Keep the device battery disconnected without the power on.

  • When going through security, you’ll have to take out your vapes, batteries, cartridges, and the rest of the ensemble, placing them into a separate bin. This will allow the security system to scan these gadgets separately from the rest of your bag.

  • Once you’re past security, keep these devices turned off and stowed away unless you’re in a designated smoking area.

Are There TSA Limits on Batteries and Vape Juice?

Aside from the regular travel regulations and procedures, the TSA also has limits applying to the power of batteries and the amounts of liquid brought with you onto the plane.

You may be familiar with the liquids rule from trying to travel with shampoo, moisturizer, or other liquids. The same rule applies to your vape juices.

The containers must be clear and cannot have a volume larger than 3.4 ounces. They must be stored and put through security in a separate, clear bag, along with your other liquids.

Separately, when it comes to batteries, according to TSA guidelines, they cannot exceed a Watt-hour rating of 100 Wh. The lithium content for vapes with a lithium-metal battery cannot be higher than two grams.

You’ll want to keep these guidelines in mind so you don’t lose your batteries or vape juices at the airport security line.

Can I Bring My Vape in My Carry-On?

Aside from TSA regulations, you’ll want to practice safe-packing habits for all your vaping equipment to minimize the potential strain and damage you place on your gadgets. 

When packing your vape, be sure to put it somewhere easy to locate, so you can efficiently remove it during the security-check process. 

Disconnect the battery from the cartridge and turn off its power. You may want to try some kind of cover to protect the battery’s button from being pushed or held by the contents of your bag.

Avoid exposing your battery or oils to extreme temperatures or excessive movement. Pack your batteries where they are safe from exposure to liquids (including vape juices) that might damage them. 

You may want to try investing in a protective case for your batteries or cartridges. Additionally, some vapes allow you to remove the heating coil for safer storage.


Traveling with your vape in your checked luggage is a big mistake and can lead to many problems for you, your luggage and gadgets, and potentially for the people you’re traveling with. Luckily, it’s not inconvenient to just travel with your vape in your carry-on. But ensure you’re following the proper TSA guidelines to avoid confiscation of items.

If you’re looking for a disposable vape to take with you on your odyssey, California Honey Vapes can keep you well-stocked with a wealth of flavors to choose from in both nicotine and nicotine-free varieties

Be careful packing; when you hit the skies, be sure to have a safe trip!



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