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12 Types of Vapes To Try in 2022

There are tons of things to love about the world of vaping. There is endless variety, from the delicious flavors to the cool designs.  That’s our favorite part about vaping...

There are tons of things to love about the world of vaping. There is endless variety, from the delicious flavors to the cool designs. 

That’s our favorite part about vaping — the variety. Between different flavors, compounds, and sizes, there are hundreds of combinations and tons of new vaping products on the market daily.

So before the year runs out, we thought we’d give you some of our favorite California Honey Vapes to try this year. Here are our 12 top vaping picks for you to try in 2022.

5% Nicotine Vapes To Try in 2022

First up is our section of five percent nicotine vapes that you are going to love:

1. Strawberry Ice 1500 Puffs

The first flavor on our list is our favorite (don’t tell the others). It’s perfect for the end-of-summer transition to fall. With Strawberry Ice on your taste buds, it’ll be like summer all year round. 

The fruity flavor of juicy strawberry compliments an icy cool at the back of your throat to keep you refreshed and feeling fierce. And at 1500 puffs, it’s the perfect size for a pocket or a small handbag to help you take your vape on the go.

2. New York Cheesecake 4500 Puffs

You will love this flavor if you love dessert as much as we do. Bringing the big apple to your vape wherever you are, our New York Cheesecake flavor is the next best thing to a stroll through Central Park. 

Creamy, sweet, and with a hint of tang, the flavor is spot on and is sure to satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth. Plus, since it comes in our largest size for disposables, you can get 4500 puffs out of this bad boy. 

3. Skittlez 3500 Puffs

Fruity flavors are an absolute must in any vaper’s collection. If you are the type of vaper who loves candy-sweet, tangy, and fruity flavors, Skitllez is bound to be one of your new favorite flavors. 

Juicy, fruity, delicious, and bright — you’ll taste every color on the spectrum. The best part is that unlike the candy this delicious flavor takes its inspiration from, this vape won’t give you cavities.

4. Peach Mango Watermelon 1500 Puffs

Name a more delicious trio than peach, mango, and watermelon — go ahead, we’ll wait. This delicious fruit cocktail will have you buzzing from the first puff to the bottom of the cartridge. 

Yummy peach, tropical mango, and refreshing watermelon complement each other perfectly in this euphoric combination of flavors. For a super fun and fruity combo, try hitting the peach mango watermelon with the Skittlez pen at the same time and enjoy the fruity crossover episode. 

5. Red Bull 4500 Puffs

When you feel like you need to grow a pair of wings to blast you through your work, you can reach for your California Honey Vapes Red Bull 4500 puff 5% nicotine vape

This one’s for the energy junkies who are always chugging another energy drink — you’ll love this pen’s flavor. And at 4500 puffs or 10ml, you’ll have more than enough to last you for weeks – or at least until your next all-nighter. 

6. Tropical Gummy 3500 Puffs

Did someone say gummy? This bright, sweet, and fruity tropical gummy flavored vape will blow your mind with every single hit. 

Tropical fruit flavors aren’t always simple for vapes, but California Honey Vapes has retained a sweet, tangy, and natural flavor, no matter how many times you hit it. 

We can’t get over this flavor, and we expect it to be one of the highlights of your 2022. You’ll have to try it to believe it!

7. Mango Ice 4500 Puffs

Last but certainly not least on our list of top vapes to try in 2022 is our Mango Ice 4500 puff vape pen. With enough size and juice to keep you chugging for weeks, this vape pen can follow you wherever you go. 

The delicious mango ice clouds are juicy, sweet, and tantalizingly tangy, with a blast of cooling icy breeze at the end to clear your palate for whatever is next. A quick hit of mango ice is the perfect way to give yourself a break, reset your mind, and enjoy some delicious flavors. 

What Are the Effects of Nicotine Vapes?

Any of these five percent nicotine vapes are sure to satisfy your urge and give you a refreshing reset. When vaping a pen that contains nicotine, many people report a sensation of a head rush, calmness, and joy that comes quickly after inhaling and begins to subside in just a few seconds or minutes. 

Nicotine has long been renowned for its relaxing effects and has played a large role historically in rituals and bonding ceremonies in many cultures across the globe.

If taking part in this centuries-old tradition sounds interesting, check out any of the seven vapes above. But, if you’d prefer a nicotine-free option, there are options for you too. 

Nicotine-Free Vapes To Try in 2022

If you choose not to consume nicotine or just want a vaping option without nicotine to practice your tricks, don’t worry. We also have plenty of options for you that are just as delicious as our other vapes. Here are our top nicotine-free vapes to try in 2022:

1. Green Apple Ice 1500 Puffs

Green apple is the best candy flavor, so it makes sense that it would also be the best flavor for nicotine-free vapes. Our Green Apple Ice nicotine-free vape pen is the perfect flavor for all green apple lovers. 

With a tart and sour green apple punch tempered with a cooling blast of icy chill on the backend, this flavor gives you an addictively sweet puff. And since it’s in our slim 1500 puff size, you can always fit it in your pocket or bag on the go. You can have a delicious cloud whenever you want it!

2. Grape Ice 1500 Puffs

Grape is a very difficult flavor to nail just right. The tang of a purple grape flavor is not quite sour, tart, or sweet, but something unique that many candies and other flavored items get wrong — but not California Honey Vapes.

Our Grape Ice 1500 puff nicotine-free vape pen has a perfectly balanced grape flavoring that will leave you seeing purple. With its cooling ice flavor boost, this flavor will leave you with a chilling after-effect that is light and refreshing and will give you something to remember until your next hit. 

3. Lush Ice 1500 Puffs

For the most luxurious and luscious vaping experience that you can imagine, you should reach for this flavor. Lush Ice is our highest-class flavor, giving you posh, fruity, and oh-so-cool minty ice flavor. 

This flavor is perfect for a night at the club or a night at home with the homies. 

You’ll have to try it for yourself at California Honey Vapes to take in the flavors we offer in our Lush Ice vape. Plus, with no nicotine, you don’t have to feel bad about taking a hit whenever you want.

4. Cool Mint 1500 Puffs

Sometimes, you just want the nice and refreshing flavor of mint. No extra fruit or dessert flavor, no ice addition to a flavor you’d rather not taste. 

For you, we have our Cool Mint 1500 puff nicotine-free vape. This vape flavor captures the essence of taking the very first bite of a fresh piece of minty gum — over and over again. Do you know the minty rush in the peppermint patty commercials? That’s what we’re talking about.

5. Cherry Ice 1500 Puffs

And coming in to round out our selection is one of our personal favorites. This nostalgic flavor takes us back to enjoying a red slushie during the hot summer afternoons of childhood. 

The Cherry Ice 1500 puff vape pen at California Honey Vapes tastes exactly like a cherry slushie, giving you the bright red fruity punch you expect with a cool icy sensation to match. It’s so similar you can almost feel the brain freeze! The Cherry Ice puff is sure to have you live hot girl summer all year.

Rechargeable Vapes To Try in 2022

If disposable vape pens aren’t your favorite, we have some rechargeable vapes for you. Here is a look at our favorite rechargeable vape for 2022

California Honey Vapes Rechargeable Battery

Sleek, stylish, and powerful, California Honey Vapes rechargeable vape batteries are the ideal rechargeable vape pen for everyday use. These 350mah batteries are compatible with all 510-size cartridges, giving you endless opportunities to try different e-juices. 

Every battery comes with a USB charger, so you can always keep your battery charged on the go. You can get the rechargeable battery from California Honey Vapes in various colors to match your style — check them out here. 

Delta-8 Vapes: What Are They? 

Last but not least, we want to talk about a new kind of vape pen that you might want to give a try this year — delta-8 vape pens. Delta-8 is a compound from marijuana, just like CBD, that doesn’t have the same psychoactive effects. 

Delta-8 is a different variety of THC, but a variety that doesn’t get you as high — the kind of THC cannabinoid that does get you high is called delta-9 THC. Delta-8 can have many helpful effects, including calming your thoughts and a heightened sense of joy and happiness. 

Here at California Honey Vapes, we are working on a collection of delta-8 vapes for you to try. With our delicious collection of flavors, delta-8 may even become a new vape to keep in your rotation. You can expect to see our delta-8 in delicious flavors on California Honey Vapes soon!

Vapes To Try in 2022: Our Top Recommendations

There are hundreds of different vapes to try, and we’ve given you just a handful of our favorites. 

The truth is, there are no bad flavors or combinations here at California Honey Vapes. From fruity flavors to dessert flavors to natural flavors and everything in between, we’ve got something for everyone.

Whether you want disposable or rechargeable, five percent nicotine or nicotine-free, or even delta-8 THC, you can get it all here. 2022 is a year for change, growth, and joy — so try out some new vape flavors to finish out the year. 

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with our blogs for more recommendations, guides, how-tos, and other vaping info. 



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