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Eight Tips To Clean a Vape

There are many different kinds of vapes out there. If you tend only to use disposable vapes, you don't have to worry too much about cleaning your vape. You will...

There are many different kinds of vapes out there. If you tend only to use disposable vapes, you don't have to worry too much about cleaning your vape. You will be fine if you replace them when they run out.

If you have a vape with rechargeable or replaceable batteries and refillable or replaceable cartridges, you'd probably do best to clean it now and again. We all know the things our vapes get up to in our pockets.

Here is a little guide to help you clean your vape properly and eight of our top tips for cleaning your vape the right way. Let's dive in!

What Are the Different Parts of a Vape?

Before cleaning your vape, you should understand each part to know how to clean it. If your vape is one piece, it is likely disposable, and cleaning may not be possible. If your vape has several parts, then this is for you.

Each vape is different, with its own combinations, sizes, and shapes of parts, but almost all vapes consist of at least some variation of these parts:

  • Battery
  • Cartridge or Tank
  • Atomizer
  • Mouthpiece
  • Button


Your vape needs power to work, which comes from a battery. Most vapes use a lithium-ion battery of some variety. 

The power of your battery will determine its strength and how long it will last between charges or needing replacement if it is not rechargeable. If you have a removable battery, it is smart to remove it before cleaning to keep it safe.


The cartridge is the container that holds the vape juice, nicotine-free liquid, or cannabis oil that you are inhaling. These cartridges contain a highly concentrated liquid that vaporizes when exposed to intense heat, giving you inhalable vapor with nicotine, THC/CBD, or nicotine-free vapor.

Cartridges can be refillable or replaceable in vapes made from several pieces. You will want to clean the cartridge between refills for a refillable cartridge. For replaceable cartridges, there are different sizes and styles. Our vapes at California Honey Vapes use 510-thread cartridges.


Other vapes use a tank instead of a cartridge. Tanks are larger containers for your vape liquid and require more intensive cleaning.


The atomizer is the piece of your vape that heats your vape liquid. The atomizer is usually attached to the battery or is a non-removable piece of the battery. 

The atomizer vaporizes the liquid by heating it with metal coils heated by the electrical energy from the battery. Most atomizer coils use a metal called nichrome, but several other metals can be used.


The mouthpiece is exactly what it sounds like — the piece you put your mouth on and pull from. Of all the pieces of your vape to keep clean, this is the most important because it will go in your mouth. 


Some vapes have a button; others do not and turn on when pulling on the vape. The button connects the circuit between the battery and atomizer for button-activated vapes. Some high-quality vapes have buttons that allow you to cycle through different heat settings.

How Can I Clean My Vape?

Now that you know all the parts of your vape, you are ready to get cleaning. Let’s look at some crucial steps in the cleaning process.

Step One: Disassemble Your Vape

Before cleaning your vape, you've got to break it down piece by piece. Most vapes are screwed together, so it is pretty simple to break them down. Other vapes snap together or are held together in more complicated manners. In this case, you should look at the manual for that specific vape for disassembly instructions.

Step Two: Wash and Scrub

Now, wash your mouthpiece and empty tank with warm water and scrub them with your hands, a paper towel, or a brush. If your tank has any leftover liquid, drain it over a paper towel before cleanings — do not pour the liquid directly down your sink. If you are using a tank, be sure that you are cleaning the interior and exterior completely and allowing both to dry.

To clean a cartridge, simply wet a cotton swab, scrub the exterior, and dry it. Do not submerge it in water.

Step Three: Clean the Battery

Using a dry cotton swab, clear any residue from the exterior of the battery. Pay extra attention to the connection points and clear them of residue — do not place your battery in any liquid.

Step Four: Dry Your Pieces

You must let all of the pieces of your vape dry completely before reassembling. You can dry them with a towel or just allow them to air dry. Just make sure it is completely dry.

Step Five: Reassemble and Vape

Once everything is dry, screw or snap together your pieces or reassemble your vape according to the manual. Then, you're ready to vape once again, my friend.

Vape Cleaning: Eight Top Tips

Now that you've got a step-by-step guide to cleaning your vape pen, here are eight of our top tips to help you get your vape extra clean.

1. Cotton Swabs Are Your Friend

The first and most important tip we simply cannot stress enough is that you need cotton swabs to clean your vape. Nothing else can get into the cracks and crevices while scrubbing and picking up gunk, residue, and oil from your vape. Whether used dry or wet, cotton swabs are a must.

2. Use Rubbing Alcohol

While all you need is warm water, rubbing alcohol makes cleaning much faster. Plus, the rubbing alcohol lets you know you're killing any mold or bacteria in your vape for a clean vape.

Remember, only use rubbing alcohol on pieces of your vape that you would use water on. Do not use rubbing alcohol to clean your battery.

3. Soak Your Vape

If you need to give your vape a deep clean, let your mouthpiece and tank (not cartridge) soak in rubbing alcohol for up to an hour before scrubbing and cleaning with a cotton swab.

Soaking gives the alcohol time to loosen the gunk that can build up. In particular, this will make sure your tank is completely clean. If you don't, you can experience ghosting. 

Ghosting means leftover flavor from the previous liquid will still exist in the tank. When swapping flavors, ghosting can mess with the vibe. Just make sure you rinse off with water to get the taste off.

4. Add Salt and Shake

Think about cleaning your vape like cleaning your skin. You need a little exfoliation every now and again to get in there. 

While you don't need to do this every time, you can clean your tank and mouthpiece in a ziplock baggie with rubbing alcohol and some coarse salt. Then, gently shake the baggie, careful not to break the bag or any of the pieces.

The salt in the water serves as an exfoliant and can further scrub and clean stuck-on residue and oil on your mouthpiece and in your tank. Just make sure to rinse with water afterward.

5. Safety Pins for Clogs

If you find that your cartridge has an oil clog that has hardened, you may not get any vapor despite having stuff left in your cartridge. Luckily, there is an easy solution — safety pins!

Carefully use the pin to poke through and clear the clog. Be careful not to go in too far, and don't damage the cartridge. Of course, also be careful not to stab yourself with the pin. It hurts more than you think.

6. Hairdryer for Clogs

When the safety pin trick doesn't clear up your clogs, grabbing your hairdryer might be the best move. Blast your cartridge with your hairdryer from a foot or two away to get the oil hotter. 

This can make the clog easier to clean with your safety pin. You can repeat applying heat and trying with the pin as long as it takes to get your vape clean.

7. Keep Up Regular Cleaning

If you find that you are cleaning your vape only once it has gotten visibly disgusting, you may not be cleaning it enough. It’s a smart move to clean the mouthpiece once a week. 

This will give you a cleaner and healthier experience and make cleaning faster and easier. Cleaning your vape more frequently has more benefits than drawbacks.

8. Cleaning a Disposable Vape

While you may not need to clean the inner workings of a disposable vape, you might want to clean the mouthpiece. Carrying your vape in a bag or pocket can increase the chances of yucky contamination.

Cleaning a disposable vape is easy; just wipe it with a cleaning wipe or moist towelette. Do not submerge a disposable vape in water or another liquid.

California Honey Vapes

Here at California Honey Vapes, we make both disposable and battery-powered, rechargeable vapes that are the best of the best. Our vapes are easy to clean, take care of, and charge, making them simple and refreshing down to the last puff.

Our vape flavors are outrageously delicious. From green apple kiwi and New York cheesecake to tropical gummy and RedBull, we have a little something for everyone — and our vapes come in three sizes for all your needs. Whether you need a 1500 puff, 3500 puff, or 4500 puffs, we've got you.

Our nicotine vapes contain 5 percent nicotine, and we also have several nicotine-free options. Our battery-powered vapes are ideal for rechargeable and practical vapes. 

They are compatible with all 510-thread cartridges, giving you access to a world of flavor options. You'll find an option that fits your vibe with six different design options. And each one comes with a USB charger so you can recharge wherever you go.

Cleaning Your Vape: Takeaways

Keeping your vape clean is a necessity. A dirty vape can leave you susceptible to inhaling bacteria and harmful residues. Cleaning your vape is simple.

Take apart your vape piece by piece (mouthpiece, cartridge/tank, battery, atomizer, button) and clean them. Carefully remove the residue and build up using cotton swabs. 

From using rubbing alcohol and salt to using safety pins and your hairdryer, you've now got all the tools you need to keep your vape clean.

Remember the importance of cleaning your vape regularly; giving your vape a solid clean every week is not only smart but health-conscious.

For the best and tastiest vapes you can find, check out California Honey Vapes. We have dozens of flavors and options for you to choose from — whatever size you prefer, whatever flavors you love, we've got what you crave.



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