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How To Use a Disposable Vape Pen: What You Need To Know

Whether you are a smoker looking to quit or reduce tobacco use, a marijuana or CBD smoker, looking for a new method, or new to the smoking scene, you are...

Whether you are a smoker looking to quit or reduce tobacco use, a marijuana or CBD smoker, looking for a new method, or new to the smoking scene, you are probably familiar with disposable vape pens. 

There are dozens of brands offering several styles and hundreds of flavors at every drugstore, liquor store, and smoke shop in the United States. Whatever your reason for trying out a disposable vape pen, you may not know how to use it the first time. It is certainly a little different than smoking tobacco through a conventional method like cigarettes.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Here is a helpful guide to show you the ropes of using a disposable vape pen, no matter what the design or style of the pen you find. 

Different Styles of Disposable Vape Pens

There are two basic popular styles of disposable vape pens. These two styles work slightly differently, so understanding the differences will help you look like a pro the first time you try one out. 

The two styles are disposable vape pens with buttons and disposable vape pens without buttons. This functional separation determines how you will use your vape pen. There are, however, other differences in the style you can expect to see.

Some vapes are shaped as simple rectangles, about the size of a large USB stick. Others are cigarette shaped but can be slightly shorter or longer than an average cigarette. They can also be pretty large cylinders, about the size of a cigar or even the diameter of a quarter. 

How Do I Use a Disposable Vape With Buttons?

First, we’ll walk you through the steps to using a disposable vape pen with a button.

Step One: Open the Package

The first step to using a disposable vape with buttons is to open the packaging. Many disposable vapes come in a box, and inside they are in a sealed package made of plastic to keep the vape sanitary for you to put in your mouth. Please remember to recycle your packaging whenever you can to help our planet. 

Step Two: Click and Hold the Button

If your vape has a button, you need to click it to activate the heating coil and vaporizer component of your disposable vape. The heating coil is the component that heats the oil or juice, allowing it to become an inhalable vapor. Without pressing the button, there will be no vapor. 

Some vapes will require you to hold the button the whole time you hit your vape, while others will only require you to click the button to produce one hit. Check the instructions on the package of your particular vape for more information. 

Step Three: Inhale From the Mouthpiece

Now you can place the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale. You need to ensure you inhale strong enough to pull in a hit but not so strong you take in a hit too large. You may not get any vapor if you don’t pull strong enough. 

Make sure that when you take a hit, you are not just inhaling into your mouth but allowing the smoke to enter your lungs, where the THC and other cannabinoids, or nicotine, have the opportunity to be absorbed into your bloodstream by your lungs.

You should aim to hold your hit in your lungs for about five seconds to maximize each hit's impact. Use caution and a feel for yourself to determine how long you can hold a hit. 

Step Four: Exhale

And the final step to using a disposable vape is to exhale the vapor in your lungs. Breathe out thoroughly to release all of the vapor, and take a fresh breath of air. You can repeat these steps until you have had as much as you want and need.

As you can see, the process isn’t too complicated, but if you don’t know how to use the button, you can easily come across feeling goofy. 

How Do I Use a Disposable Vape Pen Without a Button?

You can easily learn how to use a disposable vape pen without a button. It is almost the same process and even easier than using a vape with a button!

Step One: Open Package

Like with a vape with a button, you’re going to start by opening the package. Dispose of your packaging in an environmentally conscious way.

Step Two: Inhale From the Mouthpiece

Now, rather than needing to click a button, you can simply inhale from the mouthpiece of your vape to start. That’s right, with most vapes, the power of your inhalation is all that is needed to trigger the vaporizer's heating element. 

However, this means that you do have to inhale strongly enough to activate the system. You should be able to tell the difference pretty quickly between what it feels like when you do pull hard enough and when you do not. 

Many vapes also have a light at the bottom that will turn on when you pull strong enough. You can see if you're pulling hard enough by placing your hand beneath the light. 

Step Three: Exhale

And now, just like any other vape or smoking method, you will exhale when you have held onto the vapor long enough. This is usually a few seconds.

And that's all there is to it! Anyone can learn how to use a vape pen in just a couple of hits.

What Should I Know About Disposable Vapes?

Using a disposable vape pen can be intimidating for first-timers or people considering switching from cigarettes to vaping. But now you know that it’s not so difficult. It is much simpler than having to light a cigarette. Instead, you only have to click a button or just pull!

Just remember to check the packaging for directions on how to use the button or if there is an additional piece of packaging to remove from the tip before you can use your pen. 

California Honey Vapes

Whether you are an expert vapor or are new to the vaping scene and are looking for a high-quality brand to try, California Honey Vapes has something for you. We make ultra-high quality disposable vapes and rechargeable vape pen batteries in multiple sizes and dozens of delicious flavors you will love.

Check out our offerings here; you’re sure to find a flavor and size that is up your alley.



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