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9 Vape Tricks You Need To Learn

Vape clouds can be a lot of fun to experiment with. Unlike other smokes, the vapor tends to hang a little heavier, making it fairly easy to move around, contain,...

Vape clouds can be a lot of fun to experiment with. Unlike other smokes, the vapor tends to hang a little heavier, making it fairly easy to move around, contain, and manipulate. 

Thanks to that fact, vaping has surely made for some wild experiments in cloud manipulation. You can learn and expand on so many vape tricks, but we’ve picked out nine of our favorites, catered to beginner and intermediate vapers. 

California Honey Vapes has this guide ready for you to take on vaping and learn some party tricks along the way.

What Should I Know About Vape Tricks?

While it's easier to manipulate than other forms of smoke, the vapor that comes from vapes can be tricky at times. Here are some basic tips to make sure you’re getting the best results as you practice these vape tricks: 

Test the Waters

Don’t try to take the biggest rip imaginable off your vaporizer right from the get-go: you’ll likely end up in a coughing fit or worse. 

Start with smaller puffs, and don’t inhale more than you can handle. Vapor can be a bit stressful on the throat, especially when you’re not used to it. For that reason, avoid vaping if you’re noticing cold or flu symptoms

Start by just pulling the vapor into your cheeks without inhaling it. Then, open your mouth, and without exhaling, let the vapor float out — or push it out gently with your tongue. Try your best to restrain your breathing. 

Look in a mirror or your phone screen: you may notice some thick, moldable vapor! 

Pick a Good Space

You’ll want to pick a good space to practice your vape tricks. 

Since you’ll be dealing with vapor, you might want to choose a closed-off space with reduced airflow. This could be a regular-sized room without many fans, open windows, or other ventilation. A good gust of air can ruin the integrity of your cloud. 

Without anything to mess with your clouds, you can start to play around with it and get used to moving the vapor around or manipulating it on a surface. 

Consider Family and Roommates 

It’s important to consider who else will use the space where you practice vaping. Family members, spouses, or roommates who are sensitive to vapor and nicotine or struggle with respiratory problems should be considered. 

Especially if you’re using a closed-off, indoor space, the vapor you are exhaling into the room can build in density, affecting others who share that space in a similar fashion to second-hand smoking. 

If this applies to your home, consider a more private or closed-off outdoor space for vaping.

Watch Your Temperature 

Without sounding too much like we’re doing a scientific analysis here, let’s just say that the air in the room where you vape matters, especially if you’re trying to do more complicated vape tricks.

A cooler environment is best for thick vapor — cooler air will weigh your vapor more. You might want to choose a dry rather than humid space. Adding more water vapor to an already humid room may not be the best for the air or your vape clouds.

Watch the temperature of your vape, as well! Don’t push it too hard, or you’ll make it burn the wick or vape juice and probably damage the coil and battery. 

How Do I Do Vape Tricks?

There are many fun ways to practice messing with your vape clouds! 

First, puff the vapor into your cheeks without inhaling, and gently push it out of your mouth with your tongue. Try to direct it onto a table or another surface. Then, try moving it around on that surface or changing its shape with your fingers. 

Most of all, it helps to practice the tricks themselves. So let’s get into them!

Nine Vape Tricks You Need to Learn 

At California Honey Vapes, we love to acknowledge craft when we see it. So without further ado, let’s look at nine of our favorite vape tricks you need to learn so that the next time you’re vaping, you might be able to make a little magic happen. 

1. The French Inhale

We should begin with some basic tricks to help you get the feel of moving around vapor. The French inhale is a classic trick and has been around forever. If you’ve seen any old, romantic films, chances are you may have seen some classy character perform this with a cigarette.

The French inhale is just as simple to do with a vape:

  • First, collect some vapor into your mouth and cheeks. Pull your tongue back. Try not to inhale.

  • Then, without breathing out, open your mouth, pushing out your lower jaw.

  • Let the vapor rise out of your mouth, gently pushing it with your tongue.

  • As the vapor exits your mouth, breath in through your nostrils

Doing this should create the effect of the vapor circulating out of your mouth and back through your nostrils. It’s a classy trick, but it can make you sneeze! Be careful! 

2. Ghost 

This trick is fairly similar to the French inhale in principle. It's a fairly common trick that some people may do without even noticing! If you have friends that vape, you may have seen them do this. 

Here is how to ghost: 

  • Pull vapor into your mouth and cheeks, and pull your tongue back. Try to hold your breath.

  • Then, put your mouth into a loose ‘O’ shape.

  • With your tongue, give the vapor a quick but gentle push. This should make a small ball of vapor appear, possibly shaped like a ghost!

  • Then, as soon as the ball of vapor is out, pull it back into your mouth with a sharp inhale.

The effect should look like a ghost popping out of your mouth, then jumping back in! 

3. Waterfall

The waterfall vape trick is simple enough but can teach you an essential skill that will help you learn some harder vape tricks.

  • Hold the vapor in your mouth and cheeks, filling them.

  • Then, lean above a surface like a table or a countertop (cooler surfaces work best).

  • Open your mouth and let the vapor fall onto the surface in a steady stream. It may help to push out your upper jaw or guide the vapor out with your tongue. 

Before you know it, you’ll have a waterfall of vapor crashing out of your mouth. You can also try this trick by filling a container with vapor and pouring it onto a surface. 

4. Tornado

The tornado is a fan-favorite vape trick. If you’ve watched videos on YouTube or Instagram of vapers trying out some tricks, you’ve probably seen this one. 

This is a trick where it's especially important to have a good, cool surface and not too many fans or vents blowing near you. It will also be easier if you learn the waterfall vape trick first.

Here’s how to take on the tornado vape trick:

  • Take a good hit from your vape, filling your mouth and cheeks.

  • Let the vapor fall steadily from your mouth onto the surface, as you would with the waterfall vape trick.

  • Try to keep the vapor together on the surface, don’t let it disperse too quickly.

  • Start to spin or twirl your pointer finger above the center of the pool of vapor you’ve made on the surface.

  • Start spinning slowly, and gradually increase your speed.

As you spin your finger, you will notice the pool of vapor start to collect and spin into a raging vapor tornado! This is a great one to show friends or try out for videos. 

5. Blowing O’s

This is another one of those old classic tricks originally popularized by cigar and cigarette smokers. It’s as popular as ever with vaping and can lead to some even more complicated, funky tricks. 

This one will likely take a bit of practice and muscle memory. Here’s how to do it:

  • You’ll want a thick cloud of vapor to work with, so fill your mouth with a good amount of vapor. Pull your tongue back, letting the tip rest on the bottom of your mouth.

  • Then, fashion your lips into a stiff ‘O’ shape, as if you’re saying, “booooooo…”

  • Finally, quickly flick up your tongue, making it dart into the vapor, while pushing some of the vapor through your aperture. Think of this motion as making the hole in the O. 

If executed correctly, you should start to see some O’s float out of your mouth.

6. Graduate to Triple O’s

Now that you know how to blow some O’s, you can surprise your friends with a vape trick that has three times the power! 

Let’s go over it:

  • Go through the steps of blowing your typical O. Fill your mouth with vapor.

  • Only this time, before you flick the vapor out, put two fingers (like a peace sign) over your lips, creating three separate holes or exits.

  • Then flick the vapor out with your tongue, letting it exit in three separate rings through the three holes you’ve made. 

This trick will likely take you a good bit of practice to nail just right. Make sure you practice in a room where there’s not too much air blowing around. You can use a similar technique with your two fingers to make a triple ghost or try some other tricks.

7. The Dragon

Once you get the hang of it, this is a fairly simple vape trick, but it can look epic, especially with a big cloud. So make sure you’re comfortable taking a deep pull for this one.

Here’s how to channel the dragon:

  • First, practice breathing out of your mouth and both nostrils simultaneously.

  • Then, repeat this exercise with only the two furthest corners of your lips open.

  • Finally, take a deep vape pull, and repeat, exhaling as fast as possible.

You should notice streams of vapor shooting out from the corners of your mouth and nostrils, making you look like a dragon about to breathe fire. This is a great Halloween trick! 

8. The Bane Vape Trick

Based on the popular Batman character, the Bane vape trick, or Bane inhale, is similar in execution to the French inhale. Instead of making a steady vapor stream into your nostrils, the result should look more like the villainous mask of Bane himself.

Let's go over it:

  • First, take a deep pull, or fill your mouth with vapor.

  • Then, like the French inhale, push out your bottom lip or jaw to help guide the vapor naturally to rise out of your mouth.

  • Only this time, block the opening of your mouth with your teeth, forcing the vapor to pass through them as you push it gently with your tongue.

  • Simultaneously, inhale through your nostrils. 

Your teeth will divide the vapor cloud into several streams, pulled through your nostrils. This will look like the hoses and wires in Bane’s iconic mask. 

9. The Bull Ring Vape Trick

This final vape trick will combine all the skills you should have learned from the rest of them. It works with the techniques of blowing O’s and performing the French Inhale. 

It’s simple enough to explain but hard to execute. Don’t worry if this one takes you some time!

  • Blow an O. Fill your mouth with vapor, and push that vapor out with a flick of your tongue while your mouth is making an ‘O’ shape.

  • Once you have a solid ring floating in front of you, inhale just the top ‘corners’ of the ring through your nostrils. 

If your aim holds and the ring is sturdy enough to allow it, this should create a bull ring shape as the vape ring is inhaled back into your throat through your nostrils. Some people have even tried this trick with two vape rings! 

Vape Tricks Are All the Rage 

Whatever your signature trick turns out to be, vape tricks are great to pull out for your friends or at parties. And online, on video-sharing sites like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, vape tricks garner millions of views and get a lot of attention from fellow vapers. 

So flaunt your stuff! Practice these tricks and wow your fellow vapers.

Get Your Next Disposable Vaporizer from California Honey Vapes

Looking to restock on disposables or try out some of these tricks? California Honey Vapes has you covered on disposables with a range of sizes and flavors

We’ve got Watermelon Ice, Lush Ice, Grape Ice, Cool Mint, and many others to try, ranging from 1500 to upwards of 4000 puffs in volume! We’ve also got vapes available in nicotine and nicotine-free varieties. 

Whatever kind of vape you’re looking for, or if you’re just looking to get a new battery, charger, or rolling tray, California Honey Vapes has got you! Come through! 



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