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How Long Does a Vape Last?

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of vapes, looking for something new, or just starting to think about trying it out, you’re likely considering how much use you’ll get out of...

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of vapes, looking for something new, or just starting to think about trying it out, you’re likely considering how much use you’ll get out of it. Everybody needs to know how long their vape will last before it needs a new cartridge or charge — or, in the case of disposable vapes, a replacement. 

While vapes have lasted people anywhere between a few days to a week or more, this timeframe often varies a whole lot depending on how much they vape, what kind of vape battery they have, and what kind of product or percentage of nicotine, CBD, or THC they’re consuming. 

While other people measure vape longevity by how many puffs they can get, this measurement is still subjective, as a longer pull or higher temperature puff can drain a vape quicker. 

But you’ll figure this out; we promise: California Honey Vapes has prepared this guide for you on what to look for when considering the longevity of your prospective vape. 

Disposable Vapes vs. Refillable Vapes

Let’s start with oil and liquid vapes. Depending on their size, disposable vapes can last as long as one charge on any refillable vape, commonly longer.

The batteries of disposable vapes are typically built somewhat less for longevity, as they are made to be used only until the product within them is gone. You may be able to recharge your disposable vapes should the battery die before depletion. 

A lot of vapes are marketed by their amount of puffs, so for the sake of clarity, let's use that measurement: 

  • A small vape will typically last 500 to 600 puffs. Depending on your use, this could be a few days, typically three to five.

  • A moderate-sized vape will get you around 1500 to 2500 puffs, lasting between four days for a heavy puffer and a week or more for a lighter puffer.

  • A larger vape can last a couple of weeks or more for lighter use, and those typically have around 3500 to 4500 puffs. 

As for refillable vapes, their chambers may hold a correlative amount of puffs, depending on the type and size of the cartridge. However, the longevity of a refillable vape largely depends on the battery. 

How Long Will My Vape Last?

The average vape user takes between 120 and 140 puffs daily from their e-cigs or vaporizers. That means that, on average, a smaller vape can last about four to five days, while larger vapes can last weeks. 

There are still those casual vapers who might just take the odd puff or only like to vape socially, but not every day. If you’re this type of user, you can expect your vape to last quite a while, so long as you take care of it and don’t overheat the battery.

That said, multiple ways exist to measure how long a vape can last. Some folks may be more concerned about how long the battery lasts than the volume of puffs in a cartridge. 

How Long Will My Vape Stay Charged?

With any rechargeable vape, you may be more concerned about how many puffs per charge you get than puffs per cartridge. A refillable vape can always be refilled or have a new cartridge loaded in, but the greater matter of convenience is how long you’ll be able to use it before needing a charge.

Vape batteries come in many shapes and sizes, some as small as a pen and others as big as a fist. A larger battery can get you upwards of 400 to 800 puffs per charge, depending on your usage. 

Meanwhile, the smaller, pen-shaped batteries will usually only last between 100 and 200 puffs before needing a recharge. That said, the temperature setting of your vape and the size and frequency of your puffs are all valuable contributing factors to how long your vape will last. 

Extend Your Battery Life: Don’t Smoke Blinkers

Many people like to take very long, deep pulls of vapes, especially those with smaller batteries, to produce larger clouds or get deeper hits. Often, they’ll pull in their hits until their vape’s warning light begins to blink, and the battery powers down for a moment.

This hit is known as a blinker, and although they are commonly done, they’re not the greatest for your vape’s coil or battery.

If your vape’s light starts to blink after a long drag, that means your vape has reached its maximum heat and power level and now has to shut down for the safety and preservation of the battery. Consistently pushing your vape to that level will not be the best thing for its longevity.

Many people mistakenly think pulling until a vape’s light blinks is the standard usage, but this is incredibly taxing on the coil, wick, and battery. 

Vaping blinkers can overheat your vape, causing the wick to burn, the battery to lose power faster, or the coil to burn out completely. In any case, you’ll be tasting an unpleasant cloud if you push your vape too far, and your vape won’t last too long, either. 

Watch Your Heat: Don’t Chain Vape 

Similarly harmful to vapes as blinkers is the practice of chain vaping. This play on words comes from the old cigarette slang of chain-smoking, where you smoke one cigarette after another. With vapes, chain vaping refers to taking several hits in quick succession. 

By chain vaping, you persistently overheat your vape. Even though you may not necessarily get its temperature to reach the point where the battery shuts down (a blinker), you will be keeping the coil or chamber consistently hot, which can damage the battery and coil over time. 

A damaged or burnt coil can not only be bad for the vape but for your health over longtime usage. Always check your coil if you notice weaker clouds, a lot of cracking noises, or a burnt taste. 

There’s nothing worse for your vape’s longevity than a burnt-out coil or an overtaxed battery. While the quality and quantity of vape juice products are a large factor in how long your vape lasts, the quality of care you put into that vape can also make a big difference. 

How Do I Take Care of My Vape? 

Many vapes, particularly of the refillable and rechargeable varieties, can start to wear down after anywhere between six months and a year of regular usage. While coils, wicks, and cartridges can all be replaced, a battery has a lifespan of its own

But generally speaking, if you want your vape to last, it's worth keeping a close, careful eye on all of those parts and how they function together. Each one of them requires maintenance and, if damaged, can damage the rest of the vape over time. 

For instance, a dry, burnt wick can damage the coil, which can overheat the battery through continued use. Once the vape’s battery goes for good, you’ll likely be looking for a replacement. 

Tips for Vape Care

To get the most use out of your rechargeable vape, be sure to follow some of these simple hygiene tips: 

  • Keep your vape’s mouthpiece clean and clear to avoid a constricted airflow or a higher buildup of hot air inside the chamber. Mouthpieces can often become clogged from the oil residue from the vapor.

  • Don’t smoke your vape down to the last drop. If you continue to smoke a vape with very little oil or liquid left, the wick will start to dry and burn up. This can damage your vape’s coil and overheat the battery over time.

  • Dry herb vapes won’t last as long unless they are regularly cleaned and emptied. Keep your dry-herb vape chamber clean to avoid an excessive buildup of residue. Sometimes, heating up an empty chamber can help burn off some remaining residue and clear out your vaporizer.

  • Keep your vape free from excessively moist or damp environments, and keep it turned off while sitting in your bag or pocket.

  • Look inside your vape regularly to ensure the coil and wick are still in good shape. Be wary of excessive bubbling noises, weak clouds, or weird tastes and smells.

How Do I Choose a Vape?

Most vapes don’t last forever, and even the refillable, rechargeable varieties can start to go after a relatively short time. It’s important to know your depths as a vape user and look for batteries and cartridges that match your frequency of use. 

Of course, how frequently a vape is used will largely depend upon what is being vaporized. For instance, a nicotine-free vape may be easier and less noticeable to the brain and body when smoked more regularly because it doesn’t have any significant altering effects. 

On the other hand, a THC vape or a higher percentage nicotine vape will require fewer puffs to give the user their desired effect. So, you may be a vape user who wants more puffs and likes to make clouds. 

Or maybe you just want your desired effect without inhaling too much. Before choosing your vaporizer, take a minute to consider what kind of vaper you are.

So, while how long a vape lasts can largely depend on how frequently it is used and how diligently it is maintained, much of the weight falls on the quality of the coil and battery lifespan. 

California Honey Vapes 

Luckily, California Honey Vapes has you covered with long-lasting, high-quality vapes in a wide variety of flavors. Some of our favorite flavors are Watermelon Ice, Red Bull, and Tropical Gummy! Each flavor has its own unique and stylized design on the vaporizer.

We offer nicotine vapes and nicotine-free vapes, each with its own delicious flavors. And if you find your battery starting to strain and wear down, we’ve got you covered with new batteries and chargers readily available on our website. 

Our vapes come in various sizes with longevity and quality in mind. Our largest vape batteries can last upwards of 4500 puffs! 

If you’re looking for a reliable, quality vape, look no further than California Honey Vapes! 



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