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Travel Tips: Can You Travel With a Vape?

Whether it be business or pleasure, you probably don’t want to travel without your vape or e-cigarette. But with travel restrictions as strict as ever and security in airports armed...

Whether it be business or pleasure, you probably don’t want to travel without your vape or e-cigarette. But with travel restrictions as strict as ever and security in airports armed with tight regulations, you may be unsure exactly what the rules are regarding your smokeable luggage. 

Buying a whole new vape at your destination can be a bit of a financial drag, not to mention an annoying extra step. Fret not! Luckily, California Honey Vapes has you covered with this complete guide on all the ins and outs of vape travel. 

Are You Traveling Domestic or International?

While nicotine vapes, CBD vapes, and marijuana vapes may all be legal in California, Oregon, Washington, and a host of other domestic destinations, you’ll want to be wary about laws changing state-to-state.

First of all, while marijuana may be legal recreationally or decriminalized in many US states, the same can’t be said for all of them. Certain states still criminalize weed, and you can face real legal consequences and even jail time for being caught with marijuana or (in some cases) even a CBD vape. It's important to note marijuana is also still not legal on a federal level in the United States. 

While it may look cool in Catch Me If You Can, dodging feds on a moving plane is a less than ideal situation. 

International Consequences

The same can be said for traveling internationally. Countries worldwide have laws ranging from full legality to criminal prosecution for even small amounts of CBD products. It goes without saying, but researching the vaping laws in your destination is essential, especially before going through customs. 

Additionally, some countries have restrictions on vaping in general or purchasing vaping products. The same can be said for states in the US. Some states restrict the use or purchase of certain vaping batteries or flavors. 

So be wary before you blow clouds into the belly of the beast. 

Vapes, Trains, and Automobiles

Trains, buses, and other automobiles tend to be comparatively lax regarding luggage regulations. Indeed, you may encounter little to no security on that end. Any attempt to vape onboard one of these vessels will likely bring an expected dose of legality, or at least a stern confiscation. 

On that note, read the appropriate safety manuals and regulations before taking out your vape. Some trains and buses may even have restrictions around charging certain vapes, depending on the battery. 

There are cases of vape batteries being seen as dangerous or even a potential weapon, depending on the type of battery and brand. It's no secret that certain vape products can cause damage to products and people from malfunction. Such a device can make fellow passengers uneasy. 

So while you’re probably okay in one of these vehicles, look out for your fellow travelers! And try to keep your vape pre-charged if you’ll need it between stops or otherwise turned off and carefully stowed away. 

What Are the Airline and TSA Regulations for Vapes?

Airlines tend to be a lot more serious when it comes to luggage regulations, especially in the United States, and especially when it comes to electronic products. The last thing anyone wants to worry about on a plane is a strange device that gives off heat and smoke. 

So then, maybe you can guess how vapes can cause quite a panic if used or stored incorrectly. This is how you can fly with your nicotine (or nicotine-free) vape:

Carry-On! (Not Checked Luggage) 

You may be surprised that the TSA restricts all vaporizers from being taken in checked luggage — luggage you store separately underneath the plane. Instead, they ask that you carry all vape products in your carry-on bags. 

This is because the TSA sees it as a security risk to store these gadgets, with powerful batteries and heat coils, in the bottom of the plane. They can start a fire or damage the luggage of other passengers.

When you go through security, you will need to remove your juices, vapes, batteries, chargers, and so forth from your carry-on bag before proceeding, allowing the system to analyze the technology separately from the rest of your luggage as they would with a computer.

Nicotine Vapes vs. CBD and THC Vapes

We will re-emphasize that the above refers largely to nicotine and nicotine-free vapes, or disposable vapes. CBD and THC vapes will typically have specific flying regulations, depending on your state and where you’re traveling. 

If CBD or THC is your trip, research your state’s travel guidelines before trying to carry any of it on a plane. 

What About My Batteries and Juices? 

While you can travel with the batteries, chargers, and juices for your vaporizer or electronic cigarette, there are still restrictions on what types of batteries are allowed and how much juice you can bring. 

According to TSA guidelines, your vape’s lithium-ion battery cannot surpass a Watt-hour rating of 100 Wh. Watt-hour measures how many watts of power your battery uses per hour. If your vape has a lithium metal battery, the lithium content cannot exceed two grams. 

Travelers are also encouraged to take all possible measures to ensure that the vape does not start heating or turning on in their luggage, the airport, or the aircraft. Vapes should be turned off, disconnected from batteries, and stored safely without exposure to excessive heat.

It should go without saying that charging such batteries onboard the plane is generally forbidden.

Vaping juices are allowed and follow the regulations that most airports in the US have regarding liquids in general: The container cannot exceed 3.4 ounces and must be in a separate, clear plastic bag along with your other liquid containers. 

Better Safe Than Sorry: Disposables 

If all this talk of regulation and requirements gets you nervous, don’t worry! This information for your airport and airline of choice is readily available and accessible online. Security will likely walk you through it during check-in. 

But, if you want to play it on the safe side, a good disposable vape is usually your best bet. They typically (but not always) have weaker batteries and do not require a recharge. 

How Can I Get My Nicotine Fix While Traveling?

If you think it’ll be a problem for you to get access to nicotine at the airport or while traveling without your vape, before you end up withdrawn, irritable, or ill, try some of these alternatives for travel: 

  • Nicotine gum
  • Nicotine patches 
  • Nicotine vape salts (stronger alternative to regular vape juice)
  • Nicotine pills or other oral supplements

Traveling internationally, you can find a host of nicotine products in the duty-free store for a discounted price, including cigarettes, but you cannot typically open them until you reach your destination. 

Some airports have smoking rooms that allow for vaping as well. But, in many cases, you should be prepared to share that room with cigarette smokers. If second-hand smoke isn’t your jam or gives you headaches, you may be better off finding a nicotine supplement than going to one of these rooms. 

Sometimes, one of these supplements is easier than finding a suitable and legal place to vape before or during a trip, or turning to more unhealthy methods like conventional cigarettes. Many of these products work gradually and over extended periods. Always do your research on nicotine products and consume them responsibly. 

Bon Voyage! 

So, given that your destination is a state or country that is okay with vaping, and again okay with whatever kind of oil you happen to be vaping, it shouldn’t be much of an issue for you to travel with your vape. Trains and buses always tend to have fewer security protocols or strict regulations, but you’ll find that airlines are not overly cautious either. 

Flying with your vape is as easy as traveling with any other gadget, given that you learn and understand the regulations and follow all the security protocols after arriving at the airport. 

Like Our Guide? Come Through to California Honey Vapes 

Hopefully, you’ve found our complete guide on traveling with a vape informative, useful, and alleviating of any anxieties you might’ve had. Traveling for any reason is an awesome, enriching experience that you shouldn’t have to stress about — instead, you should be enjoying that trip fully!

California Honey Vapes has you covered on more than just information and guides: We have a wide selection of batteries, chargers, nicotine vapes, and nicotine-free vapes available for your viewing pleasure! 

Many portable, small vapes with batteries are perfect for travel, even through airports. Try a large range of flavors from Green Apple Ice to New York Cheesecake to Skittlez! 

Come through to California Honey Vapes, stock up on some sweet flavors, and have a great trip! 



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