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Best Marijuana Vape Pen: What You Need To Know

Marijuana vape pens are a great way to get your THC and CBD intake conveniently, with a sleek, easy-to-use device. Not to mention, marijuana vaping devices have some caveats that...

Marijuana vape pens are a great way to get your THC and CBD intake conveniently, with a sleek, easy-to-use device. Not to mention, marijuana vaping devices have some caveats that make them a little more subtle or incognito. 

Whether it's your first time or a long-time smoker, weed vape pens may be up your alley. If you’re seeking a high-quality, smooth vaping experience without the harshness of ingesting cannabis through more traditional means, a marijuana vape pen might be just right for you.

At California Honey Vapes, we support all your vaping needs, which is why we’ve prepared this guide for you to understand the world of marijuana vape pens better. We hope you find the device that’s right for you! 

Goodbye Bong, Hello Battery

While we all may be fond of the conventional cannabis-smoking means, they may not always be the greatest for us or give us the most bang for our buck. 

  • Rolling a joint with marijuana and rolling papers can often burn more THC than you inhale and make for a much harsher hit. Since cannabis is directly burned via this method, most cannabinoids are consumed in fire or idly burnt while you stare at the TV screen or sink into the floor. 
  • The same can be said for cannabis pipes, which can often be very difficult to clean while gradually building up gross, sticky tar on the inside of the bowl and mouthpiece. As this build-up continues, your cannabis hits will only get worse, along with your throat irritation.
  • Using water filtration methods, bongs and water pipes or bubblers make for a somewhat cleaner, smoother smoke. That said, they still burn up a fair amount of THC, get dirty pretty fast, and make for some fairly harsh, unforgiving hits, even when they are clean.

While water filtration may be used in bongs, they still do not produce pure vapor but a cleaner form of smoke mingled with some vapor. CBD and THC vape pens offer a smoother hit and less burning up of the THC and CBD you seek. 

What Is a Good Weed Vape?

While you’re looking for your ideal vaping products, it’s good to keep in mind some basic signs that what you’re looking at is quality:

  • A great THC or CBD vape pen will typically have a strong vape pen battery life without being too flashy. The wild array of colorful lights and other bright aesthetics that many of the larger, more powerful vape mods are known for might not be ideal for someone who doesn’t want to attract attention to their device.
  • A mesh coil is typically good to look for when considering the heating element if what you’re seeking is a well-rounded, full, flavorful hit. Unlike the typical spring-shaped coil, a mesh coil is shaped like a kind of metal grid, which provides an even surface of heat for the wick, and more balanced vaporization of your marijuana concentrates.
  • A draw-activated weed vape pen may be more convenient for some who don’t want the vape to be accidentally switched on or have to search for the button in the dark. It’s a safe habit to try and keep your vape switched off when you’re not using it. The precise temperature control gives draw-activation a natural feel to vaping without messing with heat settings.
  • Look for a vape with a good temperature gauge. While you don’t want to burn your wick or coil, it’s good to have some control over how big the rips you take are, especially when dealing with intoxicating substances.

How Long Do THC and CBD Oils Last?

Marijuana e-cigarettes are great for making your THC and CBD products last. For the best vaping experience, try to find a rechargeable battery for your marijuana vape pen. 

Some pens even come with refillable vape cartridges. Both of these features can make your CBD or THC oil last long. 

Finding one with a mesh coil can help burn up less of your concentrates and vaporize your oils evenly at a more steady rate when it comes to heating your vape pen. 

Compared to cannabis flower, THC oils can last twice as long or more. Cannabis that is dried will typically get worse after a few months and lose most of its potency before the end of the year. 

Whereas with THC and CBD concentrates, the oil can potentially retain its potency for years without going bad. 

Of course, a few more factors affect the potency of oil concentrates, including how it is stored and how often it is vaporized. Vaporization and sunlight both work to break down the oil over time.

Odorless and Incognito 

A major attraction of the marijuana vape pen is that it can be relatively odorless. Unlike a joint, bong, or other traditional smoking devices, it won’t stink up your room or house entirely. 

This gives an incognito advantage to the prefilled marijuana vape pen — let’s face it, even though many states have legalized marijuana, you may not always want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself while you're trying to get your THC.

Vape pens are also incognito because of their shape. Most of them have small oil cartridges, coming in shapes and sizes resembling a pen. They’re easy to transport and keep in your pocket. They have a sleek design that gives them a casual vibe rather than a flashy one. 

Be Cautious of Your Cartridge

Always buy your THC or CBD vape cartridges from a trusted source, and do your research. 

Cannabis oils in the past have been subject to dangerous or irritable fillers containing potentially toxic cutting agents. Many oils include polyethylene glycol (PEG), which can turn into formaldehyde and potentially harm the lungs. In addition, allergens or other disagreeable irritants may be involved.

While this isn’t a rule of thumb, observing the oil in the cartridge is a known practice. If you notice bubbles, watch them as you move and tilt the cartridge. If you see the bubble moving swiftly as if through a thinner liquid rather than smoothly as if through a thicker oil, you might want to reconsider vaping that cartridge. 

If the cartridge has weird particles, clumps, or sludge, or if you’ve noticed it changed from its original color, that’s probably a good sign that your cartridge has expired. Look out for an excessively harsh or metallic taste as well.

How Does Vaping Cannabis Work?

One of the earliest kinds of marijuana vaporizers could be said to be the traditional dab rig. Shaped much like a bubbler and usually using water filtration, dab rigs work to vaporize condensed, waxy cannabis oils. 

  • Taking a dab on a conventional dab rig entails heating its glass chamber, or bowl, with a blowtorch for several seconds, then introducing the cannabis or CBD wax into the hot glass via a metal stick referred to as the ‘needle.’ As the wax hits the hot glass surface, it is vaporized and filtered through the water. 
  • Nowadays, though dab rigs are still widely used, you don’t necessarily need a blowtorch anymore. Instead, there are various electric dab rigs or e-rigs on the market. 

E-rigs make dabbing safer and more convenient, heating the chamber via electricity instead, and producing a more consistent vapor, according to your temperature settings, while still giving you that iconically strong dab rip. This same idea was also carried into the making of dab pen devices.

What Are the Differences Between Dab Pens and Marijuana Vape Pens?

The main difference between a dab pen and an e-rig, is that the dab pen doesn’t use water filtration along with its vaporization. The cannabis wax or shatter is loaded into a refillable chamber attached to the battery, where a heated coil vaporizes it. 

The only difference with a marijuana vape pen is that the THC or CBD concentrate is dripped from a cartridge into an atomizer. Within the atomizer, there is a wick that soaks up the oil and a coil that heats the wick, producing vapor.

So, you can see how the two work similarly but slightly differently. 

What Are Dry Herb Vapes for Cannabis? 

Of course, if vape oils just aren’t your thing, whether they contain THC or CBD or not, there may still be some marijuana vape pens out there for you. Dry herb vaporizers allow you to vape your cannabis flower directly. 

There are a few disadvantages to using a dry herb vape, the first one being that they may not give you as big of a cloud or a puff as your typical oil vape pen. 

Additionally, dry herb vapes are not as odorless as oil vape pens, as they require you to pack in dried cannabis, which has an odor even before vaping. If the cannabis is burned accidentally by the vaporizer, it will give off an even harsher odor. 

So, dry herb vapes are not the best for going incognito. But they allow you to get a clean, vaporized taste of your favorite buds. 

Does A Vape Sound Best to You? Try California Honey Vapes!

If we’ve piqued your interest in vaping, you may want to try one of California Honey Vapes’ disposable vape pens! Our pens come in a variety of flavors, including Grape Ice, Cool Mint, Green Apple Ice, and more! 

We have various concentrates in our disposables for your vaping needs. We’ve also got you covered with extra batteries, chargers, and even rolling trays for a classic smoke!

Our vapes also have mesh coils for an evenly heated, smooth vapor. If this sounds good to you, come through to California Honey Vapes!



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